Asian Interracial Sex

Now a Growing Trend in America

This article will explain why Asian interracial sex relationships are now a growing trend in America. In the past, it was nearly impossible for Asian men to marry White women because of anti-miscegenation laws. But the U.S. has made interracial relationships much easier, especially since the 1965 Immigration Act brought thousands of young women from the Philippines to the country every year. However, today, many Asian men are marrying whites. Here’s why.

The trend of Asian-White marriage is in decline. Interracial sex marriages between Asian Americans and Whites has increased since 2006. The biggest increases were among Vietnamese Americans and Filipino women. The decline in Asian-White marriages began in the 1980s. This trend may be a result of increasing awareness of interracial relationships. While interracial relationships aren’t prohibited in the United States, the rates have been declining for several decades.

While anti-miscegenation laws are still illegal in some states, the court has upheld their constitutionality in various cases. Most anti-miscegenation laws were passed as a result of the Loving v. Virginia case, which made it illegal to marry a non-white. In 1967, seventeen Southern states had passed laws prohibiting interracial marriages. After that, the Arizona Supreme Court overturned its anti-miscegenation law, which had banned Filipino-white marriages.